Directions to Courts

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Directions to Brigantine Courts

Take AC Expressway towards Atlantic City, Take Exit 1 for the tunnel and follow signs for Brigantine. Once over the Brigantine Bridge, take first right onto Harbor Beach Blvd (approx 1.2 miles from bridge).  Turn Left onto Bayshore Avenue and then Right onto 42nd Street South. Courts will be halfway down road on Right

Directions to Linwood Courts

From EHT courts. Go towards Somers Point on Ocean Heights Ave. Make slight right onto Bethel Rd. Turn Left on Rt 9 (New Road).  Turn right on W. Patcong Avenue, Turn left on Wabash Ave.  Proceed 1/2 mile, Courts will be on Right.


Directions To Mays Landing Courts

Take Rt. 322 West (Black Horse Pike) heading toward Hammonton. As you approach the Hamilton Mall you will see a McDonalds on the Left hand side (in front of a Toys-R-Us). At the light just past the Sears side of the mall make a right. This is Leipzip Ave. North. Stay on LeipzigAve. and travel past the entrance to the AC Race Course (on right) and then over the AC Expressway. The Rinks are on the left side of Leipzig Ave. approximately one mile past the AC expressway.


Directions To Somers Point Courts

From EHT Courts follow Ocean Heights Avenue toward the "new" Shop Rite shopping center. Proceed straight through light (Mobil on corner). Make a right onto Veteran's Avenue (approx. 1/2 mile from light / prior to Fire House).


Directions to EHT Courts

Take Ocean Heights Avenue to 2153 Ocean Heights Avenue, Turn into Complex.  North Court is Blue Deck Court, East Court is Large Asphalt Court Closest To Stand, West Court is Smaller Asphalt Court Closest to Library


Directions To Monroe Twp Courts

Take 322 West to the light (Intersection of 555) where there is a Wawa on the right hand side. Make a left. Proceed about 1/2 mile to the entrance of Williamstown H.S. Make a left into the H.S. Follow entrance to first right turn, this is the entrance to Owens Field (Park), the hockey Rink is located at the back of the park. (Williamstown high school will be right down the road park in the school parking lot courts are right there.)



Directions to NSHA Courts


Directions To Marlton Courts

Take the Garden State Parkway North to The Atlantic City Expressway Exit 38A Take Atlantic City Expressway West to Route 73 Take Route 73 North to Brick Road in Marlton (Approximately 20 Miles) Make a left onto Brick Road (must go around a jug handle from the right hand lane) It is right after "PF Changs Restaurant" (The Promenade shopping center) There is a Wawa on the far left corner. Make the first right onto Lippincott Drive Hockey Rink entrance is off of Lippincott Drive on the left just after "Under the Sun Learning Center"


Directions To Bellmawr Courts

Take the Atlantic City Expressway until it turns into Route 42 North (North-South Freeway) Take Creek road exit. Make a right on to Creek road. Make a left onto Bell Road. Make a right onto Anderson. Hockey Courts will be on the left hand side. Approx. one hour travel time.


Directions To West Deptford Courts

MALL EXIT HAS CHANGED it is now before where the old one was!!

A.C. Expressway to Rte 42. Proceed on Rte 42 to Deptford Mall exit-- At top of ramp make a right. At next light make a left (McDonalds will be on the left) follow Clements Bridge Rd (you will pass the Deptford Mall on the left) to its end (approx. 2 miles ) and bear right on to Cooper St.. Follow this road all the way to the "Riverwinds Complex."


Directions To Gloucester Twp. Courts

For GPS, use 420 Woodbury Turnersville Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012

1. Use the Atlantic City Expressway (AC X-way) to Philadelphia. $4 toll; $2 each way plus 5ct at most entry/exit ramps.

2. Follow X-way until it merges into Rte. 42. This is Exit 44.

Decision Point

Going to the indoor court? Continue on to the Coles Rd. exit. Follow steps 3 through 9, below.

Going to the outdoor court? Use this exit. Follow steps 10 through 16, below.

Indoor Court-

3. Continue on Rte. 42 to the first exit after Exit 44; i.e., the Coles Rd. exit. Right side exit ramp/loop. There is no exit number … it might be Exit 45. Just look for the Coles Rd. sign.

4. At the top of the ramp, at the stop sign … turn left. This is Coles Rd. eastbound.

5. Follow Coles Rd. to the first traffic light (not the flashing yellow light; just continue on to the traffic light.) This will be Little Gloucester Rd.

NOTE: Landmark- St.Agnes RC church on the right side of Coles Rd. just before the intersection with Little Gloucester Rd.

6. Turn Right onto Little Gloucester Rd. Continue through the next traffic light. You’ll be crossing the Blackwood Clementon Rd. There is a Macdonald’s on the right before you cross the Blackwood Clementon Rd.

7. Turn left onto Broadacres Drive; i.e., the first street on the left after the small mall (on the left) beyond the traffic light. Careful – don’t turn into the back of the stores in the mall.

8. Follow Broadacres Drive to a large blue building on the right side … just after a slow curve to the right. This is the recreation center and indoor court.

9. Return home by reversing the route you followed getting here. Once on Coles Rd. westbound, cross over Rte. 42 and make an immediate left onto the entry ramp to Rte. 42.

To reach the outside court, exit the AC X-way at Exit 44; i.e., the Sicklerville Rd. exit.

10. Exit right at the Sicklerville Rd. exit (Exit 44). This is the exit to Turnersville. It will be a short distance to reach the Sicklerville Rd. loop.

11. Stay in the right lane. You are traveling parallel with the X-way toward the Sicklerville Rd. loop (to the right).

12. Bear right onto the loop. At the end of the ramp turn right onto Sicklerville Rd. going westbound towards Turnersville.

13. Cross the Black Horse Pike … the road may be marked now as Woodbury Turnersville Rd. {NOTE: This is the first traffic light.}

14. Continue on the Sicklerville Rd. passing through a 4-way Stop Intersection and then one more traffic light. {NOTE: This is the second traffic light.}

15. NOTE: Landmark – Shortly, you should see a correctional facility (prison) on the right and several large buildings; also, on the right.

16. When you pass Lakeland Rd. on the right … just after a large building (Hospital ??) on the right followed by some County Executive buildings, etc. also on the right, you’re getting close.

17. The court is on the left … should be the second left after Lakeland Rd. First left is Colleir Dr. The second left is the entrance into a very nice, large recreational area. You should be able to see the light standards for the court off in the distance on the left.

18. Return home: Not so fast there, Charlie Brown! It’s NOT just the reverse of how you got here. Exit the sports complex turning right onto Sicklerville Rd.

19. Continue on Sicklerville Rd. through one traffic light, one 4-way Stop intersection, to a second traffic light. This is the Black Horse Pike.

20. Turn right onto the BHP and follow it to the signs indicating “AC X-way entrance”. Stay in the right lane. You are about to enter a loop to do a U-Turn on the BHP to reach the eastbound entrance to the AC X-way.

21. At the sign pointing off to the right for the entrance to the AC X-way, bear off right onto a “sort of” loop. You quickly arrive at a “Y”. The right lane goes off into a housing development. You want to go LEFT on around this quasi-loop.

22. You quickly loop around to a traffic light for crossing the BHP and turning left to enter the AC X-way. It is preferable to be in the right lane as you cross over the BHP and finish the U-turn.

23. Turn off to the right … you very quickly arrive at another “Y”. Take the right leg … this is the eastbound entrance to the AC X-way. The left leg goes to the Sicklerville Rd. eastbound.

24. OK, Charlie Brown, you’re on your own now, Homeward bound!

For those who find themselves at the Indoor Court needing to be at the Outdoor Court —

Not to worry, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

a. Turn around and proceed back on Broadacres Drive to Little Gloucester Drive.

b. Turn left onto Little Gloucester Drive and continue to the traffic light at Erial Drive. There is a Wawa on the right at the corner at Erial Drive.

c. Immediately after the Wawa, turn right onto Erial Drive.

d. Proceed on Erial Drive to the first traffic light; i.e., the Davisville Lakeland Rd. Turn left.

e. Continue on Lakeland Rd. over Rte. 42 (no entry or exit; just an overpass) to the Black Horse Pike (Rte 168 ??). Traffic light.

f. Cross the BHP and continue on Lakeland Rd. to a “T”. This is Sicklerville Rd. Turn right and follow steps 15 through 17 above.